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“All the coaches are amazing at scaling to your level of fitness, with no judgement from anyone. Glory Fitness has changed my health, my body & my soul! The environment here is amazing! You will meet the best people that help you and encourage each other.Glory Fitness Rocks!”
– Carolina Orta

“Glory Fitness has great coaches and a great program. They work with you when you have injuries and they push you when you don’t think you have anything left to give. The workouts are structured to build your strength and endurance while also setting goals to increase both of those aspects to set new personal records (PRs) every 12 weeks. It’s the best box in town!”
– Michelle Sendall

“I like working out atGlory Fitness, and I’m not a big fan of exercise. Sean has set me up with an individualized, modified plan that is very effective. I feel so much better, and I sleep so much better since I started working out a couple of times per week. THANKS for helping me to get back on track”
– Brenda Warnock

post2 “I was skeptical about CrossFit. I just finished up a 6 week Bootcamp course and so I decided to give it a try! I’m so happy that I did!! Glory Fitness has everything you are in looking for in a box! The staff is amazing, the facility is great and the members are awesome! Come give Glory Fitness a try!”
– Dominique Parry

post2 “Glory Fitness is an awesome gym! I wanted to try CrossFit but was extremely intimidated. Starting with bootcamp, I realized what an amazing environment Glory Fitness was. All the coaches are awesome and made the transition into CrossFit possible! You can work at your own pace and they help you reach your own personal goals and everyone encourages each other!”
– Karen Dawley

“I’m not the fittest or strongest, but I’m stronger than I was before and it’s all thanks to Glory Fitness! The coaches are very friendly and helpful. They have so much positive energy and enthusiasm giving you the motivation to do your best!”
– Erna Faber

post2 “Before joiningGlory Fitness, I hadn’t been to a gym in years due to knee problems and that uncomfortable feeling one gets in a big gym setting. No matter who you are, or what your physical limitations are, anyone will feel right at home atGlory Fitness. I am so glad I joinedGlory Fitness. I could not ask for more friendly and helpful coaches or members.”
– Elaine Groggett

post2 “Glory Fitness is the best place to workout! The coaches and the members are fantastic. The workouts are challenging but fun! There is always someone there to cheer you on until the end. CrossFit has changed my life for the better.”
– Alyssa Pepple

post2 “After retiring from the Marine Corps I stopped working out. 3 years of excuses just kept and I just kept packing on the pounds. Not wanting to aggravate old injuries, I was very hesitant to just jump back into working out, let alone join a gym. A friend told me about a “Bootcamp” class at Glory Fitness. The Coach’s there taught me how to modify workouts which helped me gain flexibility and functional range of motion. This cleared away a huge mental block for me and I’ve been a member for 10 months now. I’ve lost over 40lbs and 6 inches in my waist.”
– Paul Hudnall